Canterbury Community Gardens Association

Welcome to the Canterbury Community Gardens Association

The CCGA is a support network for 30 community gardens throughout Canterbury. We are part of a thriving global movement for people to grow their own food together. We support this growing network through newsletters, forums, social gatherings, promotion, research, and this website. 

Community Gardens and their Communities

Community gardens are oases of abundance and beauty where everyone can enjoy fun, friendship, and creativity. Delicious organically-grown fresh food and herbs are rewards for your labour.  

To find your nearest community garden or to join a group, see our Garden Directory. Check our News & Events.

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Collaborate Launches in Canterbury

Collaborate Launches in Canterbury

Collaborate is a new web app making volunteering faster and easier than ever before.  It's like Tinder for volunteering; matching people's skills with the organisation where they can have the biggest social impact.  Volunteers simply log in, select their skills and interest areas and swipe through volunteering opportunities that match.  Anyone can sign up as a volunteer or create a volunteering opportunity providing they are creating social good and striving to connect communities.